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Funny people

People are funny.

I write one silly little thing and everyone goes bonkers with comments, thoughts and ideas of how to make this silly thing even sillier.

Yet… sadly, if I bring up something of substance, suddenly no one has anything to say. Where did the comments go? Where is the banter? No more ideas?

People are thinkers. 

I refuse to believe that not everyone has their own original thoughts. Sure, there are those uneducated about their beliefs, ones who follow the masses simply not to feel out of place. But everyone has a thought. As stupid as it may seem, we are all thinkers… am I right?

So why do people shut down and shut up when it comes to talking about something serious? Something that means something. Why the sudden fear of having an individualistic opinion, thought or idea?

I don’t know, I’m just boggled.

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