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Love Drunk

To add insult to injury I can taste you when I’m drunk
That’s why your name lingers at the tip of my tongue
It’s bittersweet somehow
In the sense that I can’t make sense of why
But I enjoy the banter nonetheless
Of the sound your name makes when my lips utter it
It almost sounds like home
When intoxication brings me to sleep
And I wake to the recollection of your name
But I can’t figure out what exactly I said
That has my heart beating too fast for my mind to catch up
Rays of sunlight illuminate the headache
Intensify that scent of memories that loiter
Littering my sanity with different shades of who you are
Sober I can’t seem to make sense of it in anyway
But when I’m under the influence
High off manipulation and inhibition
The tease that leaves my tongue to utter tastes of yours
Just seems all the more enticing
Making drunk the only time I ever feel whole

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Although you were tasteless

It’s your flavorless kiss that lingers on my tongue

The shallow tang of infidelity

The permeating fragrance of loyalty betrayed

And quite possibly my addictive tendencies

My consistent cravings for the thrill of adultery

Hormones driven under the influence

Love unsavory and lust consumed

Compulsion for some kind of devotion to nothingness

To a yearning motivated by the need for remedy

This heart feeding off the sinful luxury of uncommitted matrimony

Sin unyielding with presence

The adrenaline rush.

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